1. Flexibility: When you work from home, you have ultimate freedom to set your own hours and work from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  2. No Commuting: You’ll save yourself TONS of stress, time and money simply by not commuting. The average commute time in the U.S. is 35 minutes, which is almost 2 weeks spent on just commuting each year!
  3. Productivity: One Stanford study found that home based workers are a whole 13% more productive. Go figure!
  4. Time: No more pointless meetings or engaging in petty office politics. (Not to mention the 2 weeks of commuting). Time is the most precious resource available, so anything that gives back more time is a worthwhile investment.
  5. Money: The average American worker spends $2,500 on their commute each year. Add a $8 lunch 3 times a week and that comes out to $3,850. Invested at 7%, that’s a whopping $800,000 after a 40 year career (Not to mention all the expenses you get to write off on your taxes (see # 8).
  6. Work/Life Balance: Working from home affords you the ability to see your family, pet, friend, whoever, whenever you want. People that work from home are generally much more stress free and happier.
  7. No Dress Code: Hence our name, PajamaWorking! This is especially great for women, who take an average of 55 minutes to get ready each morning. How great would it be to work in comfortable PJs while getting paid?
  8. Taxes: When you work at home, you can write off many expenses, such as your office space, cost of supplies, phone bill, laptop purchases etc…
  9. Full Control of Distractions: a lot of time is wasted in the office with coworkers coming up to ask questions or even to socialize. Also, no more lengthy meetings that can be easily replaced with a quick email or call.
  10. Be Your Own Boss: The best part of working at home is not having to answer to anyone. You have the freedom to work on what you want, when you want, without anyone breathing over your neck.
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